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NegativeFeedback aka Lucian Stanculescu (France) - Who Am I?, 2013    Drawings



Jasper | Ryan Matthew

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You’re married now, and slowly, s l o w l y I will forget you. Please let me try. Leave my dreams in peace.


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My demons waltz with me. I begged them not to leave me alone, and so your heart is free.

I’m so fucking self destructive.

My heart is worn out.

I feel tired.
One after the other, after the other.

Please, come find me. Take me away from here.


It’s 3am. Where are you?

You’ll be married in 22 days. I’m aware of how fucked it is that I’m counting. I had the most real dream of my life about you last night. Am I not even allowed to sleep without thinking about you?! Fuck. My heart hurts, I regret the day I met you.